The Standard

A Weekly Family Read:

Target: Mass Market.

Editorial Coverage: Lifestyle, Family, Political, Social, Economic and Sport.

Main Sections: Vacancies, Tenders, Notices, Education, Religion.

Distribution: All urban centres throughout Zimbabwe

Audited Print Run: 40 000 per week

Readership: About 400 000 per week

The Standard is a family Sunday paper with a nationwide distribution. The paper has a varied mix and a broad demographic reach across all income groups and races and this offers a strong prospect for growth. The best Sunday read for the entire family with an eagle’s eye view of political, social, business, sports, travel, religion, fashion, arts & culture and health issues The Standard has managed to develop partnerships with a number of organizations as the leading publication for entertainment and cultural activities. Every year this publication has published the Cover to Cover Magazine composed of winning entries to an annual short story writing competition for children of school going 10—19 years of age. The online version of our newspaper can be accessed at:  

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